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Securitas Financial Group (Pty) Ltd has partnered with Investec Investment Management Services (Pty) Ltd to offer you an online investment solution that can be tailored to meet your savings needs. The Guided Investment Platform automates investment advice to make wealth management accessible to potentially everyone at any time.

Using Securitas’s guided investment platform, an innovative and secure platform, we ensure your money continuously works hard for you while assisting you with goal setting, risk profiling, investment recommendations and product applications at lower fees. Our advice service enables you to invest online with confidence.

Online Invest Now

Why invest through us?

We offer you:

  1. Affordable Financial Advice
  2. High quality, low cost investments
  3. Expert portfolio management
  4. Simple online investing
  5. A tailored built investment portfolio
  6. Frequent statements
  7. Transparent fee structure

Supporting documents you will need to submit:

  1. A copy of you South African ID document
  2. Proof of address less than three months old
  3. Proof of banking details less than three months old
  4. Signed mandate

Initial Fees
Financial Advice 0.00%
Investment Administration 0.00%
Annual Fees (excl. VAT)
Financial Advice 0.50%
Investment Administration 0.46%

Contact Us

064 754 1656

Any changes including changing personal details, debit order changes, investment changes or withdrawal requests will need to be done by email to